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Dick Blick Oil Painting Materials: Shop Online at Dick Blick for Quality Artist's Paint and Artist Supplies     Dick Blick Oil Painting Materials: Shop Online at Dick Blick for Quality Artist's Paint and Artist Supplies     Dick Blick Oil Painting Materials: Shop Online at Dick Blick for Quality Artist's Paint and Artist Supplies

Dick Blick Online Shopping

Dick Blick Online Shopping

Dick Blick Online Shopping

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Dick Blick Oil Painting Materials: Shop Online at Dick Blick for Quality Artist's Paint and Artist Supplies Home Request Catalog Store Locator Contact Us NEW! WishList Making a Paper Mola Lesson Plan Molas are the brightly colored applique panels made only in the San Blas region of Panama by the Kuna Indians. The Kunas have resided in the Panama/Colombia area for centuries. They managed to survive successive waves of European exploration and settlement. During the 1800s, the Indians began migrating eastward. The commercial activity of this introduced them to cloth, scissors, needles, and thread, thereby beginning the body adornment and clothing that was needle worked. The Kuna Indian women's traditional costume is colorful and the wearer expresses pride in her Kuna identity. The term Mola can mean "cloth," "clothing," or "blouse." Girls learn to make Molas at a young age. A woman might spend up to 100 hours completing a Mola. The source for traditional design inspiration for Molas include the following: natural-world native animals (iguanas, lizards, parrots, fish), local vegetation (palm trees, coconut crops, sea grasses), and the shapes of the coral reefs around the San Blas islands. Grade Levels Children in grades 4 through 6 will find this activity fun and enlightening. Procedure Choose 4 colors of paper. Cut out a design as the top piece. Choose a traditional Kuna Indian design for a shape. Leaving a thin border, cut out the second color around the first shape. Glue the top to the second layer. You can use paper clips to help hold the paper together when cutting the shapes. Then cut the third shape by layering the two glued shapes on top of the third. Glue all cut pieces together, being sure to leave a thin border around each time you cut. Save the black for last, as that is the traditional top layer. From the scraps of paper left, cut out and glue details for eyes, mouths, or other ornamental traditional designs. Once the paper Molas are completed, have the children discuss their importance to the Kuna Indian women and their culture. Have children imagine making Molas using the traditional appliqué. Would the children in your class have the patience to spend a hundred hours completeing just one as the Kunas often do? Display the paper Molas by mounting them onto a black piece of paper. Have children explain why they selected their island symbol as the focus of their own Molas. Materials Black and Colored Construction Paper Scissors Paper Clips White Glue Resources Molas!, K. Mathews (New York: Sterling Publishing, Co., 2000) "Mola Inspired Stitches," School Arts, March 2000 Mola Cuna Life Stories and Art, Presilla, M.E., NY: Henry Holt and Company, 1996 Credits submitted by Dianne Turner, D.Ed. Califonia State University Bakersfield, CA Customer Service · Shipping Info · Privacy & Security · Forums · Lesson Plans · Gift Certificates · Links · Survey · Help Dick Blick Art Materials Caran D'Ache ... Punches, Paper ... Soapstone ... Racks, Print ... Scratchboard Art ... Videos ... Squeeze Bottles ... Graphite ... Grog ... Burlap ... Prang ... Hooks, Ceiling ... Stabilo ... Pencil Lengtheners ... Spray Guns ... Tub, Soaking ... Damp Cabinets ... Drawing Tables ... Spin Art - Gum Arabic - Paintworks - Art Display - Foamboard - Light Impressions - Stockmar - Saunders Easels - Realist - Dick Blick Discount - Signed Pictures - Pablo Picasso - Mosaics - Presentation/Display - Decorative Easel - Artists - Giclee - Oilpainting - Stores - Picasso's - Cubism - Easels Wholesale - Artist Easel - Escoda - Charles Wysocki - Dick Blick: Dick Blick Department Store Dick Blick Catalog Shop

Dick Blick Artist Supplies:  • Dick Blick Artist Supplies stores are all around - you'll most likely have seen one or two at least. Well, the Dick Blick Artist Supplies website maintains the same high quality and ease-of-finding-products as in the Dick Blick Artist Supplies stores, and a vast arrange of supplies for artists, teachers and students alike. The nice thing with the Dick Blick Artist Supplies website is that you'll find a huge array of helpful, related information and suggestions for the products you're purchasing, and the Dick Blick Artists forums are exceptionally handy!

Note: Dick Blick Artist Supplies does ship internationally, though UK customers may also like to check out eBay UK or Amazon UK..

Dick Blick Catalog:  • Dick Blick has been selling art supplies for almost a century, since 1911. The Dick Blick catalog is famous in the art materials industry because it is clearly organized, easy to use, and full of useful information. Few artists can have failed to longingly peruse a Dick Blick catalog at one time or another; well, now you can order your Dick Blick catalog online from the Dick Blick web site. You'll find more than 30,000 quality artists products at Dick Blick, quite an achievement.

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