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www.EmpireDirect.com: Empire Direct Online UK Electronics Shop - There's More To Explore @ Empire Direct!     www.EmpireDirect.com: Empire Direct Online UK Electronics Shop - There's More To Explore @ Empire Direct!     www.EmpireDirect.com: Empire Direct Online UK Electronics Shop - There's More To Explore @ Empire Direct!

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www.EmpireDirect.com: Empire Direct Online UK Electronics Shop - There's More To Explore @ Empire Direct! Evo D530 P4 2.8 (HT) 256MB 40GB DVD XP Pro SS The HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 series provides the stability and manageability you need to reduce ownership costs, increase productivity, and cut the complexity of PC ownership in the enterprise.The HP Compaq Business Desktop d530 Small Form Factor provides all the benefits of a full-size enterprise desktop in a sleek, space-saving design without sacrificing speed, power or serviceability. The d530 Small Form Factor provides the optimal combination of small size and mainstream expandability for efficient business computing. The d530 Small Form Factor has best-in-class serviceability including a rotating drive cage, single latch entry to the unit, tool-less drive and motherboard removal, tool-less slots and color coded cables. The d530 Small Form Factor has flexible set-up configurations that allow it to be used as a desktop or tower, or mount under a desk or on the wall. ... 802.11g 54Mbps Access Point ... BASELINE SWITCH 2824 These highly affordable, unmanaged Gigabit switches are the ideal network building blocks for supporting dynamic, creative small-to-midsize business environments. With wirespeed Gigabit throughput and a switching capacity of up to 48 Gbps, these switches deliver the performance needed for the most bandwidth hungry applications. Advanced Class-of-Service (CoS) 802.1p traffic prioritization makes sure that real-time applications such as video and audio take priority so they run effectively, and enable the switches to operate in larger network environments. With 3Com Baseline Switch 2800 family, you can support legacy Ethernet and Fast Ethernet desktops while connecting demanding higher speed desktops and servers. As network equipment evolves - new servers with built-in Gigabit Ethernet connections, for example - you can smoothly transition to higher speeds while protecting your network investment. This flexibility means that you can take advantage of high bandwidth LAN connections today and avoid exceeding throughput capacity as your office staff or application bandwidth needs grow. Designed for small businesses that do not require network management, the 3Com Baseline Switch 2824 operates straight out of the box, with no configuration required. The auto MDI/MDIX cable detection feature on all ports identifies and adapts to the Ethernet cable type, eliminating most common cabling errors and simplifying installation. Once the switch is up and running, autosensing ports detect and adjust to the speed of the connected device to optimize network performance.Small-business configurations can vary, so these Gigabit switches are designed to operate as a free-standing switch, or as a rack-mounted switch using the included mounting kit. The standard 19-inch, one rack-unit-high (1RU) enclosure optimizes valuable rack space in small-to-midsize office spaces. As with 3Com's other award-winning small-business products, once these Gigabit switches are up and running, they tend not to stop. Their sturdy design and construction pays off in high reliability and long service life - highly appreciated by today's resource-strapped organizations. 3Com switches are consistently among the industry's most reliable products. ... Aureon 5.1 Sky Brilliant sound quality on 6 (5.1) channels, plenty of connection possibilities and a complete software bundle for your PC - that's the Aureon 5.1 Sky. Equipped with the latest 4G sound technology, this sound card offers the best qualifications for perfect 3D sound for games, DVDs and music.Impressive surround sound to enhance your games, real cinematic feeling for your DVDs and professional recording abilities on your own home PC: The Aureon 5.1 Sky offers pure, first-class sound for your PC! With real 24-Bit/96 kHz technology for recording, 24-Bit/192 kHz for playback and an excellent frequency response you can hear the difference.The Aureon 5.1 Sky is equipped with a lot of different connection options on the sound card, such as 6 analogue speaker outputs and optical digital inputs and outputs. All common sound standards are supported (like DirectSound, Sensaura 3D, EAX1.0/2.0, MacroFX, A3D 1.0 and AC3 and DTS streams) as are the current WDM drivers for Windows 98 SE, ME / 2000 and Windows XP. And, so that you can take off with the sound of the Aureon 5.1 Sky immediately, a comprehensive software bundle is included, which contains a versatile 6-channel DVD player, professional sound editing programs, powerful composing and recording software and more. ... Windows 2000 Server 25 Client Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is the easy way to Internet-enable your business. As businesses come to rely more and more on the Internet, they have the opportunity to grow, extend their networks to partners and customers, and consider new ways to bring their products and services to market. To take advantage of these opportunities, businesses need an infrastructure that can readily respond to market forces, delivers high reliability, efficient management, ease of use, and supports the latest advances in networking hardware. And to readily pursue these opportunities, businesses want to build on their existing investments in skills and systems.Windows 2000 Server is designed to meet these needs for businesses of all sizes, from small, centralized organizations to the largest distributed enterprise. Building on the strengths of Windows NT Server 4.0, Windows 2000 Server sets a new standard for how well an operating system can be integrated with standards-based directory, Web, application, network, file and print services, powerful end-to-end management and reliability, to provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet. The Business Internet starts here.Windows 2000 Server will enable organizations to readily pursue Internet-based solutions and opportunities. With comprehensive Web, security and communication technologies built-in, and the scalability and performance to handle the demands of Internet traffic, Windows 2000 Server delivers a unique, Internet-enabled platform on which to take advantage of the Business Internet. Windows 2000 Server will enable organizations to minimize network interruptions to end-users. With system architecture improvements for higher server uptime, fault-tolerant and redundant systems for increased availability, and online configuration and maintenance capabilities, Windows 2000 Server delivers you the confidence that your servers will be up and running, and your organization will be open for business. Windows 2000 Server will increase efficiencies and productivity across your organization. With improvements that make the system easier to deploy, manage and use, powerful centralized administration enabled by the Active Directory service, and a standards-based approach to interoperability with your existing systems, Windows 2000 Server will increase efficiencies of your IT staff, end users and systems. Windows 2000 Server supports the latest advances in networking and peripheral hardware, including USB devices, high bandwidth and directory-enabled networking devices, to ensure the platform you build today takes advantage of the latest technology advances and supports your future investments. ... Colour Laser Paper A3 1250 Sheets Epson has earned a strong reputation for first-class printers, which offer an outstanding combination of quality, reliability and value for money. However, unless these products are complemented by Epson consumables, users cannot expect to fully capitalize on their investment. Epson understands that printing is a process, with printer, inks and paper working together to offer the ultimate in quality output. With this in mind, Epson produces consumables that offer optimum performance throughout a long, trouble-free, working life.This paper is intended for color laser printing. ... Cheap Vcr - Buy Electronics - Integrated Dishwasher - Subwoofers - Comparison Shopping - Toasters - Empire Direct Store - Cheap Vcr - Flat Screen - Empire Direct Electricals - Cheap Televisions - Consumer Reports - Frigidaire - Digital Cameras - Online Dvd's - Online Dvd's - Electrical Goods - Empire Direct Voucher - Frigidaire - Empire Electrics - Tv's - Empire Electronic - Empiredirect Uk - Empire Direct Electricals - Cheapest Dvd - Empire Direct: Empire Direct Website Empire Direct Catalogue

At the Empire Direct Shop you'll find all manner of Electronics products, discounts and best-ever prices. From the incredible Empire Direct range of HDTV televisions to Empire Direct washing machines, widescreen TV's, vacuum cleaners, Empire Direct computers and accessories … and much more. Below is just a tiny selection of what you'll find at Empire Direct Online, UK:
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Empire Direct UK is the UK's largest online electrical retailer, providing an extensive range of TVs, hi-fi's, cookers, fridges, washing machines, televisions, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. Empire Direct also sell a wide selection of PCs and communications products. Empire Direct Online always have the latest products to meet every household electrical need, and the Empire Direct online store offers a comprehensive range with digital TV, VCR, DVD, camera and camcorder areas.

Empire Direct UK check their prices daily against other retailers making sure they have consistently low prices. Empire Direct Electronics has more to offer than any other online electronics retailer, with their excellent customer service, the Empire Direct low price guarantee of always-low-prices, superb Empire Direct support and excellent delivery service. Shopping online at Empire Direct UK, customers can be sure they are getting the best price!

Empire Direct Electronics website offers UK customers a vast range of products online including a constantly updated range of Web exclusives. From Personal Computers, Washing Machines, HDTV Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing, Empire Direct Electronics caters for everyone!

Empiredirect.co.uk is the online electrical superstore where you can buy the latest top brand electrical goods at the lowest possible prices. Empiredirect.co.uk don't only bring great deals and service to customers, they offer them to businesses as well. By shopping online at empiredirect.co.uk you can be sure that you're getting the lowest possible price on a wide range of home electrical products. EmpireDirect.co.uk, continuously check major competitors' prices online and in-store on your behalf to make sure that the Empiredirect.com prices are guaranteed to be up to 30% lower!

You'll find more than just the best prices at Empire Direct Website … You'll also find all the top electronics brand-names. Take a look at just some of the top names you'll find online at Empire Direct Electronics:
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… at Empire Direct online store, you'll find the full Empire Direct range of quality UK electronics, including widescreen and high-definition TV's …

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