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Free Netzero Software : Download ISP Internet NetZero - NetZero Internet Service Software   Free Netzero Software : Download ISP Internet NetZero - NetZero Internet Service Software    Free Netzero Software : Download ISP Internet NetZero - NetZero Internet Service Software

NetZero Online

NetZero Online: NetZero Internet Service NetZero High Speed Internet

NetZero Platinum members can access NetZero's services at speeds up to 56k, using V.90 and V.92 compression technology. Slower modems will also be able to connect with NetZero Internet at 28.8k, and 33.6k. My NetZero is your personalized Start Page. With My NetZero, you get:
  • A powerful way to search the Web
  • Customized stock portfolio
  • National, Business, Sports and Travel headlines
  • Local and worldwide weather forecasts
  • Up-to-the-minute Finance news
  • Top Technology news
  • One-click access to top sites in your favorite categories
  • Direct access to NetZero Technical Support, Shopping, Services and NetZero Account Information

  • NetZero's Free service allows anyone to access the Internet for free! NetZero members receive up to 10 hours of free Internet access*, including free E-mail on the Web accounts, reliable connections, thousands of access numbers, and the ability to use popular instant messaging programs such as AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger. The Free NetZero service is advertiser supported, and displays the ZeroPort, your "Speed Dial for the Web." Members who would like to use more than 10 hours of NetZero access have several service plans they can upgrade to, all at considerably less cost than the competition.

    NetZero HiSpeed is an exciting new product from NetZero Internet that accelerates your NetZero Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem. NetZero HiSpeed INCLUDES your NetZero Platinum Service and requires NO additional equipment and NO waiting! It's the high-speed surfing solution with the convenience of dial-up. With NetZero HiSpeed you will be able to view Web pages and read Web-based e-mail in a flash.

    Click here to compare the savings you will enjoy by using NetZero Platinum service as your Internet Provider over the standard plans offered by other ISPs such as AOL, EarthLink, MSN and Yahoo**.

    NetZero Platinum Internet service offers a value-priced high-quality Internet connection for -- less than half the price of other Internet Services Providers such as AOL, EarthLink and MSN**, only $9.95 per month*. This easy-to-use service will download in as little as 2 minutes and provides the best of what the Internet has to offer, including POP and web-based e-mail, direct access to anywhere you want to go on the World Wide Web, reliable Internet connections, compatibility with popular instant messaging programs offered on AOL, Earth Link, MSN and Yahoo, and features such as easy access to search engines, news and sports headlines, shopping, and financial services with no banner ads. This Internet service is also available to Mac users.

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