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Verizon DSL - No Spam : High Speed Verizon Internet Verizon DSL  Software ISP     Verizon DSL - No Spam : High Speed Verizon Internet Verizon DSL  Software ISP     Verizon DSL - No Spam : High Speed Verizon Internet Verizon DSL  Software ISP

Verizon Online

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Verizon Online: Verizon Internet Service Verizon DSL

Get Verizon DSL support when you need it and how you want it – around the clock, 7 days a week. Call the Verizon DSL toll-free number or take advantage of online Verizon DSL help and diagnostic tools. Take advantage of specials on great online services just because you are a Verizon Online DSL subscriber. Check out Verizon deals on music, games, firewall software, and more. Verizon DSL & Dial-Up Internet services are fast, reliable and trouble-free - they even cost less!

Verzion DSL High-Speed Connection: Get a DSL dedicated connection for Verizon high-speed Internet access. Click and connect in an instant. Talk on the phone and surf at the same time. Visit Verizon Central and make the most of your broadband connection with easy access to frequently used tools and services that Verizon Online offers, like 9 e-mail accounts, personal Web space, Web site building tool, Control Pad, and DSL Live! You get all this and more just for choosing Verizon Online DSL.

With Verizon DSL … MSN® Premium Internet Software is included with your Verizon Online DSL service at no additional charge - a $9.95 monthly value. Take advantage of great new Verizon features like MSN Pop-up Guard, MSN Firewall, MSN VirusGuard, designer e-mail options, advanced Verizon junk e-mail filters, and more. Remember, Verizon offers both high speed DSL and regular Verizon dial-up Internet service! Verizon DSL is faster, but both Verizon DSL and Verizon dial-up services are extremely reliable, and also very cost-effective compared to many other ISP's.

With Verizon DSL … Will existing phone features work with Verizon DSL? Yes. Adding Verizon Online DSL to your phone line does not affect your other telephone services and features. Verizon DSL does not affect Caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, or other advanced calling features. Verizon DSL costs less … but goes faster!

Verizon Online DSL service includes up to nine e-mail accounts. Multiple e-mail accounts allow other household members to have their own private e-mail account or have personal and business e-mail accounts. You can set up your additional e-mailboxes with Verizon's account management tool. Verizon DSL costs less - but you get more!

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